Given its astonishingly low price it is amazing this is a functional product at all, however in this case you very much get what you pay for.


  •  Very Low Price

  •  Even Lower Quality

The ColorCross has little to distinguish itself from other mobile HMDs. Well, that’s not strictly true. It’s price is a significant departure from the norm. There are stripped down, caseless HMD glasses that cost significantly more. In fact, a Google Cardboard would be more expensive than this, which makes one wonder how exactly this HMD is made so that there’s still profit left over.

So it’s a bit of a miracle that the ColorCross is a functional product at all, yet the 165g of plastic can in fact accommodate a phone up to 5.6 inches in size.

Although it’s somehow less functional than most case HMDs. There’s no way to adjust the IPD or focus. At least, there’s no mention of in any product material and no apparent way to do from the picture. Finding the the manufacturer’s site proves impossible even with a bit of effort and that’s more than the typical customer is likely to do.

Design wise it’s, well, about as pedestrian as things can get. For the price it’s a wonder it closes up all the way and has headstraps.

User reviews for the ColorCross are rather abysmal. Complaints about lenses loose in the package, no way to focus the picture and a distinct lack of immersion are all clear indications that you’d be better off buying a fancy hot dog for the price. Sure it will be over quickly, but at least it will be far more satisfying.